MicroStim Technologies Incorporated - The Ultimate in Pain Management

We manufacture several models of our unique electronic pain management devices which are known as MicroCurrent Stimulators. All of our stimulators provide our patented waveforms and are protected by US Patent # 4,989,605.

ARMD Disclaimer
Although we are aware that there are a number of physicians who are currently using our devices for the treatment of ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration), our labeling does not include the treatment of ARMD as a listed indication and we are making no specific claims as to the effectiveness of our devices for this off-label purpose.

Welcome to the MicroStim Technologies Website

We are a manufacturer of pain management and facial rejuvenation devices located in Palm City, Florida (North of Palm Beach). We have been manufacturing pain management devices since 1988, and Dr.Joel Rossen, our president, has been involved in the study and practice of Pain Management since 1971.  


Please take your time to browse the site and feel free to e-mail us with any question that come up for you.    


E-Mail:  jrossen@MicroStim.com


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